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Announcing my new book- Bitcoin: Essential Concepts

Today I'm thrilled to announce that I've finished my new book- Bitcoin: Essential Concepts . It will be released on October 4th.
Announcing my new book- Bitcoin: Essential Concepts

Today I'm thrilled to announce that I've finished my new book- Bitcoin: Essential Concepts. It will be released on October 4th.

Over the last few years I've written and collected a copious amount of notes, diagrams, charts, and quotes that I believe help to explain the inevitability of bitcoin from first principles.

Last November, I got to work on organizing them into one simple resource. When I shared a rough outline of the project on twitter, I was blown away by the response. It validated that there was demand for an educational resource like this.

Fast-forward to the present and this small project has evolved into something much bigger. What I initially planned to create over the span of a weekend, became several hundred hours and close to ten thousand words. The project morphed into a bitcoin textbook of sorts.

The result is something I'm really proud of and believe it will help people understand the various forces driving bitcoin's adoption.

In total, the book covers 39 concepts and is written for a non-technical audience that enjoy visual explanations.

I'm releasing it as an ebook (PDF) for two reasons:

a) I want you to be able to easily share it with friends and loved ones. That means the most accessible file format and a layout that's mobile-friendly.

b) I plan to make iterations and update it over time (customers will always be able to download the latest version after purchase).

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I'm also very fortunate to have had the encouragement, guidance, and support of some highly-respected bitcoiners:

"Anil has done an incredible job visually illustrating some of the most important concepts in bitcoin in an intuitive, appealing, and popular way." —Saifedean Ammous
"Anil has an impressive ability to condense down hundreds of hours of reading, listening and learning into simple graphics.Advancing bitcoin knowledge is the most important thing for spreading human liberty and flourishing." —Stephan Livera
"Like the masters at Marvel and DC Comics, Anil possesses the rare and powerful ability to combine words and imagery for incredibly effective communication, helping Bitcoin signal to break through the noise." —Cory Klippsten

While the book will be out next month, you can view a free sample of it here.

As a thank you for supporting this newsletter and my work in general, I'm running a short presale at a discount for subscribers.

Enter the code 'CONCEPTS' at checkout for $9 off the future public release price.



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