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A Course is Coming

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A Course is Coming
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Three years ago I had a client ask me to build them an online bitcoin course. I spent 2 weeks on it and never really thought much about it. But to this day, I still get random LinkedIn requests from students of the course.

This prompted me to check in on how the course was doing. I no longer have access to the course itself, but I did still have access to the forum where I'd created optional homework.

The results stunned me.

If even 50% of students completed the optional homework (a generous estimate), that would put total students at ~4,000.

Today, I know I could build a course that is much tighter, more interesting and more polished. So I put the question to followers to gauge interest.

You speak, I listen.

A course is now in the works.

It will cover the topics of Money and Networks at a high-level, showing bitcoin as an innovation at the intersection of the two.

I plan to keep it simple. The course outline will literally just be this Venn diagram.

The material will be straight to the point, jargon-free, and highly-visual. This is my promise to you.

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To say thank you for all the continued support, I'm running a limited subscriber presale at a 50% discount to the public launch price ($79). You can even pay via ⚡️Lightning.

Course Details

Launching: December 2023

Format: Video (self-paced)

Length: 3hrs (+ readings)

Platform: Gumroad

Textbook: The Bitcoin Handbook PDF (included)

Sample Lesson

Recent Appearance on Bitinning

I had a chat with Kashif Raza from the Indian YouTube channel, Bitinning.

Topics covered: East vs. West, debt vs. savings, how to teach bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Handbook: Now in Paperback

Releasing a lower-cost paperback version of The Bitcoin Handbook was always a goal of mine. I'm happy to announce it is finally available for <$15.